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I.M.A.D. – I Make A Difference

Let it Bee, Changing Tides and Less is More are wines that make a difference.

They form part of our I.M.A.D range, and in each case a propotion of sales is donated to relevant charities in support of causes that are close to our hearts.

So if you are MAD about plastic waste or the destruction of bumble bee colonies then read on below to find out how you can help.

Don’t go mad, go I.M.A.D.


Join us in our unwavering dedication to support the vital cause of bee conservation and rewilding.

By working together, we can make a significant impact on preserving these incredible creatures and ensuring their flourishing existence for generations to come.

with your help we can create safer bee habitats and promote sustainable practices that nurture bee populations.

Bee a part of the movement to safeguard these precious pollinators.


Help to turn the tide on plastic waste. This exceptional range of wines is on a mission to combat plastic waste and make a positive impact on our oceans and beaches.

With every purchase, a portion of sales is donated to registered ocean-up charities, supporting their efforts in keeping our precious marine environments clean and pristine.

Join us in this important cause and let’s work together to protect our planet for future generations. Cheers to making a difference!


When it comes to product packaging Less is More.

Absolutely every element of this wine has been rethought to make it as sustainable as possible.

From organic and biodynamic practices in the vineyard, to recycled paper, lightweight bottle, and an innovative natural cork screwcap.

We also offer our customers the opportunity to appoint local charities that support relevant local causes all over the world and receive a percentage of all sales. Less really is more.


the citizen range

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