Good Citizen Wines – Everybody wins

helping all stages of the supply chain by finding surpluses of good quality wine and bringing it to market in support of local charities

Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

Soft, ripe tannins packed with cherries and black pepper.

Organic Sauvignon Blanc

Classic SB style. Bursting with crisp fresh, herby notes.


The Good Citizen commitment

While good citizens like to have fun they also take their position in society very seriously. We know that we are in a lucky position where we can often sit back at the end of a long day and enjoy a relaxing glass of wine. Not every citizen has this luxury. Good Citizen Wine is a reminder to all of us to take our social responsibility seriously.

Each year Citizen Wine heads to regions of the wine world where there is a surplus of wine. Our two MW’s then work their magic to blend those grapes into something delicious, saving them from distillation – the worst possible fate for a defenceless grape!

Then for every bottle that we sell of this recouped wine we make a contribution to a carefully selected charity in each market.  We donate to those who are less fortunate than us, lifting all citizens to the same level.


Everybody Wins!

The Farmer Wins
The Good Citizen helps farmers and small wineries to offload excess wine production at a fair price instead of being robbed blind by the distillation companies.

You Win
You get a unique wine, specially blended by our two expert Masters of Wine, at a fantastic price.

The Grapes Win
They are saved from the disgrace of being turned into another generic gin. We can all agree we don’t need another one of those!

The Citizen Wins
Most importantly, the citizen and society as a whole wins. A percentage of EVERY bottle sold is given back to society via carefully chosen charites.

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