Hi-Tech Organic

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Hi-tech organic wines

Organic wines made using all the latest, up-to-date technologies: sun, rain, soil, hardwork and passion. Stripped-back, low-intervention wines for the digital age. 

Organic Tempranillo

Soft, ripe tannins packed with strawberries.

Organic Sauvignon Blanc

Green, mouth-watering acidity and lemon zest.


Organic Shiraz

 Crushed red fruit with cloves and spices.

Organic Verdejo

Stone fruit freshness and acidity.

Organic Wines 3.0.

In this over-complicated, digital world it is easy to lose sight of what really matters. That’s what happened to us when searching for this wine. With faces buried in mobiles we drove straight past the winery entrance on three separate occasions! That was the moment we decided to go back to basics. Hi-Tech is a delicious organic range of natural, stripped-back, wines. The perfect antidote to the digital age. So head-up, eyes forward; most of life’s answers are right in front of you!

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