Changing Tides


Ocean Loving Wines.

Working with local charities to help clean up our oceans one bottle at a time.

For every bottle that we produce a donation is made to an ocean clean-up charity in your area. 

Change the Tide

There are many ways to show our Oceans some much needed Love.  Intercepting the plastic waste before it reaches the ocean is finally being addressed on a global scale, but organizations focused on this need support.

Reducing the plastic waste tsunami (think one-use plastic straws, water-bottles, and take-away bags) is a top priority being addressed through education, messaging for changing habits and choices, and by redesigning products and packaging using non-plastic options.

It takes money (clams, if you will) to affect these changes, which is why every bottle of Changing Tides sold results in a direct donation to a local, Ocean Loving charity. 

Are you part of an Ocean Loving charity?  Maybe organizing a beach clean-up?  Contact us and tell us what you are up to.

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