release the mania, find the mojo, bring the magic

Mania, Mojo, Magic – we could be talking to our inner selves.

Everyone knows that life itself is never plain sailing. We all have our inner demons to fight and sometimes the mania gets the better of us. But every now and then, just occassionally, we get it right and find our Mojo. And when we do there is no stopping us. That is when the magic happens.

This is what it felt like creating this collection of delicious Spanish, Appassimento-style varietals, each one with its own unique identity. We became so obsesssed with getting it right that we named the family the APPASSIMAFIA.

Give them a try. We think you will enjoy them. Well, better than waking up with a horse head on your pillow anyway. Capisce?






Cabernet Sauvignon

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