Tasty Low-Alcohol Wine?

It’s a Long Story

Where did we find these 10% wines? It’s a long story. On the quest for low alcohol wines we must have travelled over 4000 miles and tasted over 200 samples until finally we found this red and white pair that is low on alcohol but high on body and fruit character

Making a wine that is long on flavour but short on alcohol is not as easy as it sounds.

Most often, lower alcohol in wine translates to a loss of structure and body, leaving an uninspiring taste. 

Many producers will try and make up for this lack of character by simply adding sugar which, whilst adding density, never really replaces the fruit character of the grapes. 

Luckily for you, we have travelled far and wide to find a pair of wines that combine all the flavour and intensity of a conventionally produced wine while remaining at only 10%ABV for a healthier lifestyle choice.

It’s all about the balanced indulgence.

Now that WAS a long story!

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