Delicious, refreshing, light and sparkling.

Rose-A Spumante & Prosecc-O d’Italia

Rose-A all the Way

This delicious Casa Toria Rosé Spumante is the ideal partner for all celebrations. The best Rosé you will find from A-Z

A Pink Rose

Pink roses represent compassion, love and nurture. They are also associated with positive attitudes, kindness and openess.

Rose-A Spumante

Floral, light, gently sparkling and irresistable. Cosa Toria Rose-A has to be the first on anyone’s list!

A Spumante

Spumante is a classification of Italian Sparkling Wine. Spumante can be produced in any area of Italy with any grape variety, it also has two different production methods, including both the Classic Champenoise Method and the Charmat Method.

Prosecc-O. M. G.

This delicious Casa Toria Prosecco is everything you can possibly need in a sparkler. Fruity and refreshing.

A White Rose

White roses often signify purity, innocence, and youthfulness. They also symbolize new beginnings and everlasting love.


Fresh fruity and and delicious. Cosa Toria Prosecc-O is the O-nly sparkler you’ll need. 

What is Prosecco

Prosecco is an Italian DOC or DOCG white wine produced in a large area spanning nine provinces in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, and named after the village of Prosecco. It is made from the Prosecco grape but denomination rules allow up to 15% of the wine to be other permitted varieties

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