Meaning both shallow and shoal in Italian, Bassofondo is the perfect word to push our point.

The shoal of wine journalists seems to have turned its back on this region forming shallow opinions about its undeniable quality. That’s left some of the best bargains for us!

The wines come from one of the top family estates in the region who make the freshest, coolest mountain wines from Soave and Lugana. Being part of the shoal can be great, but never lose your identity! 

Bassofondo Soave

Soave’s reputation as smooth, lustrous and easy-going has only done favours for those who drink wine rather than write about it. Nonchalant and effortless without a care in the world. Perfect on an afternoon by the lake, it slakes your thirst with bright spring sunshine, and hints of lemon blossom and almond oil whetting your appetite for the evening ahead.

Bassofondo Gavi

Gavi is northwest Italy’s charmingly beautiful white wine. Neatly straddling the sun-drenched Mediterranean terraces of Liguria to the south and the gently rolling hills of Piedmont to the north, this shows the alluring floral and honey aromas of one and the crisp, early alpine freshness of the other, while a mineral finish lingers like a mountain stream.

Bassofondo Lugana

Lugana’s luck is to be nestled below the Dolomites where ancient, glacial rocks capture sky-pure snowmelt, fresh from the mountains. Vineyards run down wooded slopes to the lake’s edge with their shoulders in the sun and their feet kissing the crisp waters. You can taste it all in this wine, the crystalline freshness alive with energy, the ideal refreshment after a hectic day boating!

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